to the smallest, cutest, character dolls for grownups website this side of dollhouse heaven!  Hi.  My name is Sharon House and here, at myStoryART2, you'll find some of my favourite character dolls.  I hope you enjoy meeting them! 

While you are here, be sure to check out the funky (and very affordable!) Halloween and Christmas pinbacks!  Individually sculpted from polymer clay (not from a resin mold) that just spell FUN at this time of the year...a little gift for Mom, a friend and even yourself!!


Now, you might be wondering, "Who is this person?"  Some of you may follow me and my dollmaking art on Facebook.  Some of you may know about me through PDMAG or maybe attended a class I taught.  Some of you may have never heard of me before!  That's why I decided to do a "get to know me better" page.   I don't know about you but I know that I like to find out more about the person behind a website, especially one where I may spend money!!.  It offers me a better glimpse into who that person is, their background and what motivates him or her   You know, why they do what they do!   


That said, here's where you can



All the dolls on this page are available for purchase. I do offer layaway on my dolls. If you find a doll that you love and would like more information, $$, shipping, photos, etc. please get in touch with me.  Serious inquiries only, please. Just send me an email at       "sharonhouse (at) mystoryart2,com"         and I will get back to you as promptly as I can!!  


"TIME FOR A SNOOZE" is a 14 inch Santa who is the sweetest. old guy you could ever meet. One of my favorite dolls, he even comes with his own "snooze chair".and an ottoman to put his feet up. He's a pretty tired "camper" after that long, cold trip on Christmas Eve... he has definitely earned his nip of the "good stuff" before he has his "well earned" snooze!  

upon request, additional photos & info available for serious, potential buyers. .

"Sakura Geisha" is a charming Japanese"sitting doll" measuring 9" tall in the sitting position. She is fully articulated (her arms and legs move) and is dressed in a high-quality cotton/gold flecked kimona with a pretty satin obo and knotted belt.


She will charm you with her quiet beauty as she readies herself and her table to invite guests into her special space.  She comes complete with her tea table, 3 cushions. teapot, 4 cups, plate plus a bamboo mat (8-1/2 x 9-1/2") and two small paper umbrellas. 


She fits comfortably in a bookcase or on a shelf, credenza or on a side table.


upon request, additional photos & info available for

serious, potential buyers


"HARRY" - Now here is 11" of downright pure cuteness!! 

We all know Harry ... and here he is, wizard wand in hand, in his Hogwarth's School of Wizardy cloak waiting to bring some magic into your life. 

Add him to your existing collection or showcase him in a "Harry corner" on a shelf or bookcase {between or next to the J.K. Rowling books about him).

His arms are articulated and can be moved into different positions.  His clothes are fashioned and sewn from top quality material and he wears shoes sculpted from polymer clay.  He can be removed from his base stand.

Published in the International Dollmakers Magazine

upon request, additional photos & info available for

serious, potential buyers

christmas waltz background.jpg

Imagine.. a pretty fire flickering brightly in the fireplace... the tree decorated in sparkling tinsel and treasured ornaments...the perfume of Christmas tree pine floating gently through the air on the notes of music playing on the old gramophone....the perfect moment for a "CHRISTMAS WALTZ"!

Lots of detail in this pair.  You can't see it in the photo but Santa even has a watch pocket on his vest and tiny cuff links in his shirt. Mrs. Santa's dress is made of velvet with a vintage hankie for her apron


Santa is 14" and might be missing some hair on top but he sure makes up for it with his curly beard. A rather humorous side note: the fibre for his hair & beard came from a lamb whose name is "You're not a Goat!"  It got that name because it keeps acting like one!!

upon request, additional photos & info available for

serious, potential buyers



2021 Gold Award Winner 

Professional Doll Makers Art Guild

Published in International Doll Artists Magazine


An ancient art form, storytelling has been with us since the beginning of time!  The storytellers of old travelled from place to place and were revered and honoured as members of the royal court.  Storytelling then, as now, is an intimate, creative "dance" between the storyteller and the audience.


With his beautiful, mesmerizing eyes, his sparkling white beard, wavy soft hair and wrapped dreds, this "sitting" storyteller is wearing copper-coloured, satin pants, a gold coloured poet's shirt and is costumed in a flowing dark green, gold flecked, velvet cloak. He comes with his own "chair".


Upon request, additional photos are available for serious, potential buyers. 


Charlie Chaplin is quite the dapper fellow in his black suit, silk vest and tap shoes. 


Charlie had a very interesting life.  A rag to riches story, he loves performing for his audience...tipping his hat to the ladies, swinging his cane to the beat and clicking his heels to the music!  His "cane" arm and the opposite foot are articulated and can be moved into different positions. 


Standing about 9" tall, Charlie is framed in a 12" black wood art frame.  The backing is high-quality art canvas painted with top of the line acrylic paint. 


Charlie loves to show off and can be displayed on a shelf or tucked, as a delightful surprise, between books in your bookcase.

Upon request, additional photos are available for serious, potential buyers. 

Emily Carr


Here's a short biography of Emily Carr

This StoryART Scene box is a "moment in time" tribute to the renowned Canadian artist, Emily Carr.  

The scene box features the artist at her easel beginning a new painting.  Standing on a wooden "paint palette"dias, tiny tubes of paint on her easel tray at the ready, a paint brush in one hand and with her palette in the other, she can move both arms to begin her painting. 


Emily loved animals and was constantly surrounded by them. What is that on her shoulder?  It's her dearly beloved monkey Woo, watching her paint. At her feet, two of her dogs and two favourite cats.


She is surrounded by framed,  laser printed miniature "paintings" of some of her more well known paintings including a self portrait of the artist herself. 


A list of the "scene box" paintings is included on the back of the box. The strong outer walls of the box are finished in a "stucco" and the base is painted, simulated grass.  This scene box will fit on/into a regular bookshelf.

Upon request, additional photos are available for serious, potential buyers.


Published in International Doll Artists Magazine


"Ray of Sunshine" is a happy clown who loves a parade and the crowds on the street as he goes by in his cute little car on his way to the circus!  He toots his horn, throws candy to the children and revels in the sound of laughter at his antics and the smiles it brings to faces, young and old alike. 

P.T. Barnum put it best when he said:  "Clowns are the peg that the circus hangs on"  


Inspired by a friend who was a Shriner Clown, Ray of Sunshine is a different but interesting art doll. 

Upon request, additional photos are available for serious, potential buyers.

Here's a cute little witch pinback to add some fun to a jacket, sweater or coat this Halloween!  Her sweet little face is less than an inch and she has a curly mop of flaming red hair made from mohair.  Hand sculpted, no two witches are the same but they all have a sweet mischievous smile with a long, turned-up nose.  Limited number of pins available.  Seller's choice.

$25.US plus shipping and handling.

Flat rate shipping $7.00 US.  Outside Canada shipment may be subject to import charges.  All sales are final.




If Halloween is a favourite, fun time for you, then you are gonna love Nillie Millie!  With her flaming red hair, she may not be the most beautiful gal in town but she sure has CHARACTER!  An absolutely delightful lady in her lovely Halloween dress with its two-tiered skirt, mauve bloomers, her black batman cape and running shoes with orange lace. she is ready for a haunting night on the town!! She will steal your heart with all of her 10" of pure "loveliness".  An art doll lady with attitude that the discerning Halloween fan will absolutely adore!

Upon request, additional photos are available for serious, potential buyers. .

This fella needs no introduction.   A cute pin for the season. Measuring 4 inches from the top of his velvet hat to the tip of his curly mohair beard, he's the perfect size of Christmas cheer to add to a coat, sweater or scarf!  Hand-sculpted in polymer clay, he'd make a lovely gift for a friend or relative too!  Only  a few left!

$35.US plus shipping and handling


Flat rate shipping $7.00 US  Outside Canada shipment may be subject to import charges.  All sales are final.

The Notorious RBG - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This quiet but ferocious woman, greatly admired by many, may no longer be with us but her words remain to inspire and remind us to reach for the greater good.

“Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

“Every now and then it helps to be a little deaf...That advice has stood me in good stead. Not simply in dealing with my marriage, but in dealing with my colleagues.”

"I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability."

This bust measures 5-1/2 inches tall x 3-1/4 inch wide.  A wonderful reminder of what is truly important in life and in our work, this small bust can be placed on a desk or in a bookshelf.  Her collar is hand crocheted, her earrings are of polymer clay and her robe has been made with high-quality fabric.  Her hair is hand-sculpted in clay with strands of white fibre.  Her glasses are handmade from wire and black plastic.

Serious inquiries only please.

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